Dois sistemas devem substituir o eSocial

O governo definiu que no ano que vem colocará dois novos sistemas no lugar do eSocial, o sistema de prestação de informação e cumprimento de obrigações tributárias, trabalhistas e previdenciárias pelas empresas. O secretário especial de Trabalho e Previdência, Rogério Marinho, anunciou ontem que em seis meses o governo vai apresentar […]

Brazilian Labor Law Reform

Last Friday (July 14, 2017), President Michel Temer approved Legislative Bill (Projeto de Lei) No. 38/2017, the so-called “Labor Reform”, after it was approved by the Brazilian Senate (Senado Federal) on Tuesday (July 11, 2017), which proposed numerous provisions for reform of the Brazilian Labor Code (Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho […]

Attorney from CLA takes part in international arbitration event held in Europe

The XXIV Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (“Vis Moot”) was held from April 5 to 13, 2017, which takes place every year in Vienna, Austria, since 1994, and has been taking place in Hong Kong since 2004.   This year’s Vis Moot had close to 4,000 participants representing 342 […]


Wednesday (March 22, 2017), Legislative Bill (“LB” – Projeto de Lei) No. 4,302/1998, the so-called “Outsourcing Law” (Lei de Terceirização) – a Bill that had been presented to the Brazilian Congress almost 20 years ago – was approved by the Brazilian House of Representatives (Câmara dos Deputados), and sent to President […]

Liberdade Religiosa

Liberdade Religiosa Trecho da participação do Deputado Eduardo Cunha; Presidente da Câmara dos Deputados, durante a frente Parlamentar Mista pela Liberdade Religiosa, que contou também com a presença do Dr. Ricardo Cerqueira Leite, em Brasília. ‪

Civil TJSC – Termination signed and notarized recognized prevents further discussion – 30/3/2015

The 2nd Commercial Law Chamber of the ECJ dismissed the appeal of a truck driver who said harmed by the undoing of a commercial partnership, focused on intercity and interstate transportation of cargo. The author claims to have worked for the defendant, now deceased, for about four months; this period, acquired […]

Civil – TJSP – State is ordered to indemnify mother, of a dead student in school Institution 25/03/2015

The 7th Public Law Chamber of TJSP determined that the State Treasury to pay £ 250,000 in compensation for moral damage to the mother of a student of Assisi teaching the public, who died trying to jump the wall of the institution. According to the author of the compensation action, at […]

Labour – Work of housecleaner is incompatible with the continuity required to configure the link – 05/03/2015

A caregiver for the elderly sought recognition of bond of employment home, alleging that worked three times per week in a residence, by completing the requirements of Law 5,859 /72. The law establishes that is considered domestic employee “who provides services of continuous nature and purpose not profitable to the person […]