Regulatory – Suspension of 70 health plans of 11 carriers takes effect today – 20/02/2015

From today (19), 70 of 11 health plans operators are suspended by order of the National Health Agency (ANS). The announcement was made last week before user complaints on issues such as non-compliance with service time and undue negative coverage.

Of these 11 carriers, eight already had plans in suspension in the previous monitoring cycle; three are not in the final list of suspensions and a plan has suspended the first time. The suspension, according to the ANS, is preventive and lasts for three months. It is estimated that the measure protects about 580,000 beneficiaries.

At the same time, the NSA announced the reactivation of 43 health plans that were with bated marketing because there was proven improved citizen service in the last three months.

Agency data indicate that there is today in the country 50.8 million consumers with health plans and 21.4 million with exclusively dental plans. Since the start of the monitoring program, 1,043 planes of 143 operators have already had suspended sales and 890 returned to the market after proving improvements in care.

Paula Laboissière – Reporter Agency Brazil
Edition: Grace Adjuto