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Without question, the best asset in any organization is its people. This is our vision and belief at Cerqueira Leite Advogados Associados. Our firm seeks to value the entire staff because we recognize that our members are the ones responsible for building our success story.

With this thinking, we developed a well-structured career plan that enables our new associates to see, from the beginning, the path that they may follow to become a partner.

As soon as each new professional joins our team, they are trained on internal systems as well as an effective methodology of professional planning and organization.

Each week, all the members of our team participate in meetings which help them to align their focus with the firm’s strategies and technical direction of our projects. We also hold meetings to discuss and improve their knowledge with respect to specific legal themes and topics of interest to our clients.

Furthermore, all professionals from our firm receive regular feedback regarding their behavior and performance. We believe that transparency is essential for a good relationship with our firm.

Our firm at Cerqueira Leite Advogados Associados has a structured bonus plan which is based on the achievement of team goals in addition to carrying incentives for the development of new clientele. Transparency, periodic evaluations, and a solid and structured career plan provide the professionals of our firm a vision of full ownership in its good name.

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