Judicial Recovery



The goal of judicial reorganization is to save from bankruptcy the company by means of a market solution. Players in the market are invited to participate in a creditors’ resolution process.


Our work enables the submission of a recovery plan acceptable by the creditors, well conducted and accompanied up to the solution of the crisis and the payment of the company’s debts.


We count on professionals specialized in corporate structuring (administrators, auditors, business evaluators, etc.), and we are able to act in defense of business credits in recovery or even in bankruptcy.


  • Business recovery plan elaboration;
  • Extrajudicial recovery/reorganization;
  • Judicial recovery itself and its specific requirements;
  • Discussion and consulting on the merits of the recovery plan, credits involved and their payment;
  • Credit qualification/proof of claims in recovery or bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Administration and sale of the company’s assets in recovery, or even in bankruptcy;
  • Payments and recovery of credits in recovery or bankruptcy.


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