Foreign Investments



Our Office is prepared to advise international investors (individuals or companies) who consider Brazil a place of opportunities, offering the following legal services:


  • Legal advice and implementation process of foreign investment in Brazil, including advice as to the best form of investment, the likelihood of revenue remittance to the country of origin (remittance of profits, interest on capital, compensation for services rendered, payment of royalties etc.);
  • Constitution of Brazilian businesses with foreign capital or as subsidiaries of foreign companies;
  • All procedures required for registration with the Central Bank of Brazil and the IRS;
  • Inclusion of information in the Central Bank Information System – SISBACEN (RDE/IED);
  • Direct and indirect investments;
  • Conversion of symbolic credit funds for the purpose of investment;
  • Mergers and acquisitions involving foreign investors;
  • Records of trademarks, patents and contracts at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI);
  • Guidance for the implementation of the foreign investment process in the labor, environmental, tax and governmental areas.


This page is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

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