Contracts are part of everyone’s life, whether individuals or corporations. The work we do in this area always begins by identifying the client’s objectives in order to guide one through the possible directions that businesses can take, and all is done with juridical assuredness.


It is a consultancy that covers negotiations and the drafting of agreements according to the client’s interests, focusing on the juridical security of all transactions.


To this end, we follow state-of-the-art guidelines for the interpretation and application of contractual provisions in general, including the new forms of contracts that emerge from the dynamics of people’s lives.


  • Business Contracts in general, such as distribution, supply, autonomous commercial representation, mercantile leasing, franchising, insurance, transportation of people and goods, storage, services, ventures, purchase and sale (including international ones), transfer of know how and technology, and chattel mortgage in its new conformation;
  • Banking contracts and financial operations in their various forms;
  • Real estate contracts in general, such as the purchase and sale of real estate, leasing, mortgages, real estate chattel mortgage, and real estate financing;
  • Contracts in the interest of individuals, particularly relating to consumer relations, Family Law and Succession.


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