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Founded in 2004 by attorneys from the legal department of a renowned multinational company, with vast experience in the diverse areas of corporate law, Cerqueira Leite Advogados Associados has offices in the cities of São Paulo and São José do Rio Preto, in addition to an extensive network of business associates in Brazil and in the world. At Cerqueira Leite, we gather qualified professionals with significant exposure to the business environment, which enables our firm to make contributions to the corporate world, identify solutions, and care for the legal safety of our clients’ transactions.
The main purpose of our firm is to offer legal solutions according to the client’s focus. It is vital to know the details of our clients. In fact, we adopt the motto “know your client.”

Our main areas of practice include tax law, commercial law, real estate law, labor law, environmental law, judicial litigation, contracts, administrative law, and international law. We invite you to see how our services can provide you with solutions for even the most varied business needs.

To us, your legal need or demand is not something distant or theoretical but something we can relate to, something tangible that needs to be settled in order for your business to move forward in a legally safe manner and with as little litigation as possible.

Welcome to Cerqueira Leite Advogados Associados.

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